Barca hopes to borrow ‘Amrabat’ before the market closes

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According to UFABET Gerard Romero, Barcelona are working to try to sign Fiorentina midfielder Sofiane Amrabat. With a loan contract until the end of this season, the

26-year-old midfielder is an important force in both clubs. And at the last World Cup, which led Morocco to the semi-finals

, Amrabat’s performances saw him linked with Liverpool, Atletico Madrid and Tottenham. M Hotspur, but in the end the deal did not happen,

Amrabat has a contract left at Artemio Franci until 2024, and in the middle of the month, Fiorentina director Joe Bareno Confirmed that this player is not for sale.

However, the latest Spanish journalists claim that Barcelona are prepared to offer Amrabat on loan until the end of the season with no obligation to buy.

La Liga has told Barcelona that financial rules allow them to spend another €5m in the transfer market. And that leaves room for one player to sign.

In the transfer market this month, Xavi Hernandez’s team let Memphis Depay go to Atletico Madrid, while the arrival is still without a new player.

Romero added that Barcelona had previously tried to sign Joao. Full-back Cancelo joins Manchester City But in the end, the players decided to choose Bayern Munich.