‘Carvajal’ has a muscle injury, hopes to recover in time

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Dani Carvajal has become the latest player for Real Madrid to suffer from a muscle injury and must fight to recover in time for this weekend’s derby against Atletico Madrid. This season, Madrid has encountered problems

. The pain is quite severe as well and today (Tuesday) Carvajal is the latest person to encounter an injury.

The Spanish full-back is suffering from a slight muscle soreness from training. And although the condition is not serious, he will miss the match against Union Berlin in the Champions League on Wednesday night.

Previous news reports stated that he would also miss the Atletico Madrid game, but Carlo Ancelotti, the team’s manager, revealed that there was still a chance Carvajal could recover in time. “Carvajal can play

. It’s a bit heavy. We choose not to take risks. It’s not a serious pain. He will have a test tomorrow and hope he recovers soon,” Ancelotti said. สมัคร ufabet

“Carvajal may recover in time for the derby. I feel like it’s going well.”

Previous news from AS claimed that the player is likely to need 10 days to recover, which if true would mean he will miss another match against Las Palmas in the middle of next week and will have to hope to recover in time for the meeting. Girona next weekend

In addition, the Italian coach confirmed that Lucas Vazquez will replace Carvajal for the match against Union.