McCarthy reveals Manchester United trendsetter Bruno scores goals

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Benny McCarthy gave a behind-the-scenes look at his Manchester United coaching career and revealed that it was Bruno Fernandes who asked for more goalscoring practice after training that became something other players asked for. participate

The former Blackburn Rovers striker has been approached by Erik ten Hag to take up a coaching role to help hone their attacking line-up.

Speaking English, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese, McCarthy was easy to communicate with United’s players and coaching staff, as well as giving a behind-the-scenes look at

his career. Admittedly pressured to work with world-class players and Bruno’s request ended up inviting team-mates to take part in more finishing sessions.

“I keep teaching them things that will benefit them, adding those things to training,” McCarthy said.

“I’ve been under a lot of pressure because I’ve worked with world-class players and you have to be really knowledgeable. I took what I loved when I was a striker. Take some practice that strikers like to use ′

′ Sometimes we play games that don’t touch the ball a lot. But you got one chance and you threw it in. So it wasn’t the most complicated rehearsal. It’s just a simple rehearsal in situations where strikers face 7 out of 10 times on the pitch

. The more it was easier to do on the pitch, Bruno was the one who told me that he wanted to stay in training more

. Even the midfielders, defenders, practice finishing because it’s fun and exciting training

. There were a lot of rehearsals and we started turning it into a competition. So we have to find a winner for each day and that’s how I keep everyone involved.”

“Bruno came to extra training every day and Racci came. We created a culture where finishing drills are competitive and consistently hitting the target or making the goalkeeper move,” recalls McCarthy

. On the experiences he’s had since taking over as a coach at Manchester United, he admits it’s satisfying to see the results after all that hard work.

“I think if I took my job as a head coach for Cape Town City with AmaZulu in one season. It’s still not equal to the work I did at Manchester United, the work is non-stop

. We have to be absolutely ready each day. “

7am, 7.30pm, we have to go into the office to sort out training sessions, individual training schedules and all the data.”

“Then the players come to the training ground and you have private conversations and stuff like that. Then you’re relentlessly working in the office on a lot of things with the manager, and at 6pm you’re home after a long day at work

. Team manager… My god, it’s really shocking ′

′ But, when you see the results and progress of the team where it has come. You don’t care about the hours and hours of hard work.”

“That makes it worth it. Because when you see the success that Manchester United has wherever you go… Wow, we are like superheroes.

” Cup and FA Cup Final