Bulging ‘Cancelo’ clashes with Pep’s joints, has played less

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Reports from the Daily Mail reveal that the reason why Manchester City let Joao Cancelo move to Bayern Munich. Because the player’s relationship with Pep Guardiola is broken. After being dissatisfied with not getting a chance to play

lately, Cancelo, the talented full-back of the Sailing team. was shock on Monday. After traveling to Munich To prepare to sign a loan contract to play for the Southern Tiger team,

Mel recently revealed why Cancelo had to move the team this time. It was because he was dissatisfied with his lack of playing time since the World Cup. The dire issue with Pep Guardiola was

so overwhelming that Manchester City had to give the green light to allow the player to move to Bayern Munich, who had offered him a loan and an obligation to buy. price 61 million pounds

The newspaper said the 28-year-old’s relationship with Pep had deteriorated since his return from the World Cup. Due to the fact that both of them talked to each other in a very tense way, often about not being able to play. the UFABET report

by full-backs for the Portuguese national team Only started 3 out of 10 games. The worst being when he was substituted at half time in a 1-0 win over Chelsea

at Wolves. after being aware that he is named as a substitute He chose to sit and wait on the bench. While the other friends warm up before the game starts.

The final straw came ahead of the FA Cup clash with Arsenal after rumors that Cancelo had a violent outburst on the training ground after realizing he had not been in the starting line-

up. While referred to the threat of moving which of course No one is bigger than the club. Manchester City therefore agreed to let the team move when an offer from Bayern Munich came in.

In addition, sources from the club also expressed confidence that If, in the end, they couldn’t find a replacement for Cancelo in time for the market close, They also have Nathan Ake and Sergio Gomez available to choose from.